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Templates used on the Main Page. See additional content blocks, at TechInfoDepot:2012 main page redesign proposal#Content blocks

Main page and alternatives[edit]

What to type What it makes
{{ categories }}
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{{ categorybrowsebar }}
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{{ contents pages (header bar) }}
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Template:Contents pages (header bar)

{{ did you know }}
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Template:*mp... that Thomas Bewick's History of British Birds (example woodcut pictured) was the book thrown at Jane Eyre when she was ten? Template:*mp... that Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the upcoming sequel to the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger, will feature the Falcon, the first African American superhero? Template:*mp... that Dennis Tinerino was a four-time Mr. Universe winner, a pimp, and an Evangelist Christian minister? Template:*mp... that author Elizabeth Jordan edited the first two novels of Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis? Template:*mp... that the Krkonose / Karkonosze Biosphere Reserve (MaB) is one of only two successful UNESCO transboundary management structures in existence? Template:*mp... that the Wong brothers' film Fatima reportedly earned 200,000 gulden on a 7,000 gulden investment? Template:*mp... that the Etruscan Regolini-Galassi tomb, which dates to the 7th century BC, was discovered in 1836 in an undisturbed condition?

{{ TechInfoDepot languages }}
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Template:TechInfoDepot languages

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