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This page is a guideline for project and project talk pages.
For information about WikiProjects, see TechInfoDepot:WikiProject.
TechInfoDepot namespaces
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2 User User talk 3
4 TechInfoDepot TechInfoDepot talk 5
6 File File talk 7
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12 Help Help talk 13
14 Category Category talk 15
102 Property Property talk 103
108 Concept Concept talk 109
828 Module Module talk 829
3100 DD-WRT DD-WRT talk 3101
3200 Tomato Tomato talk 3201
3202 Network Network talk 3203
3204 Software Software talk 3205
3206 Windows Windows talk 3207
3208 Electronics Electronics talk 3209
3210 Computers Computers talk 3211
3212 JTAG JTAG talk 3213
3214 Linux Linux talk 3215
3216 Recipe Recipe talk 3217
3218 Animal Animal talk 3219
3220 Model Train Model Train talk 3221
3222 Vapor Vapor talk 3223
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The project namespace or TechInfoDepot namespace is a namespace consisting of pages with information or discussion about TechInfoDepot. Its namespace number is four (4).

Pages in this namespace will always have the prefix TechInfoDepot:. They can also be reached by alias WP: or the standard (for any MediaWiki site) prefix Project:.

Orama Creation, A Media Solution Company


  • Project pages - Project pages are pages in the project and project talk namespaces. WikiProject pages, which are included in the project namespace, are usually referred to as WikiProject pages to distinguish them from project pages as a whole.
  • Meta - Some people refer to pages in the project namespace as meta pages. However, this can be confusing, because Meta is actually the name of the site dedicated to all Wikimedia projects:

Pages within project namespace[edit]

A main gateway for the project namespace is TechInfoDepot:Community portal. The Community Portal includes categorized links to the more commonly used pages related to the project. A link to the Community Portal page is available in the sidebar.

Project namespace includes a variety of pages with information or discussion about TechInfoDepot. Project namespace includes TechInfoDepot policies and guidelines, which describe best practice, clarify principles, resolve conflicts, and otherwise further our goal of creating a free, reliable encyclopedia. Project namespace also includes process pages, information and discussion pages, and historical pages. For more complete lists of pages in the project namespace, see:

Policies and guidelines[edit]


A process is a central and organized way of doing things, generally following certain policies or guidelines (e.g. the "deletion process" proceeds in accordance with the "deletion policy"). See WP:PPP for details.

Information and discussions[edit]

Many pages in TechInfoDepot namespace have nothing to do with rules, and thus do not belong in the above categories.

Discussion pages[edit]

Some pages are designed for discussions, such as TechInfoDepot:Village pump sections.

Noticeboard pages[edit]

Some pages serve as noticeboards to draw attention to discussions taking place elsewhere, such as the centralized discussions page and various Requests for comments pages.

Wikiproject pages[edit]

Pages with "TechInfoDepot:WikiProject" prefix form a WikiProject pseudo-namespace. For additional resources, or if you have any questions, please visit the WikiProject Council.


Project space is not a free web host and should not be used as a long-term archive to host pages that look like articles. Pages in project space that look like articles may be subject to deletion. Short-term hosting of potentially valid articles as reasonable content under development is usually acceptable where the page is being used to collaborate on encyclopedic work and as a place to write a draft encyclopedia article directly. When a project space page reaches a point where it can be included as an article consider moving it into mainspace or using its content appropriately in other relevant articles.

Essay pages[edit]

Many pages simply provide some information about TechInfoDepot. Some of them reflect a particular opinion, and are marked with {{essay}} template (see WP:ESSAYS).

Historical pages[edit]

A historical page or process is one which is no longer in use, or any non-recent log of any process at all, and is kept as a record of past TechInfoDepot events that have a noteworthy value in being maintained as happened. A historical page can be revived to an active page by using it.

Before creating a new page[edit]

The project namespace contains many pages and a lot of information, and most TechInfoDepotns probably have not read all of it. To make information easier to find, try to avoid creating new pages in the project namespace unnecessarily. If you want to add material, you might discover that the same thing already exists somewhere else. Before creating a new page, you should consider looking through the topical index to see if the material belongs at a page that already exists.

Deletion of project namespace pages[edit]

The usual deletion process is to post a request at miscellany for deletion to have a page deleted or to have a project terminated and its pages deleted.
For issues only affecting specific revisions on a page (where other page versions are fine) RevisionDelete is usually more appropriate.

With project namespace including pages with information or discussion about TechInfoDepot, the topics of these pages span various or somewhat unrelated matters. Miscellany for deletion (MfD) handles these miscellany deletion matters. Some of the more common project namespace deletion requests at MfD include Administrators' noticeboard pages, Article Incubator pages, Article Rescue Squadron pages, Articles for creation pages, Articles for deletion pages, Community Portal pages, Essays, List pages, Miscellany for deletion pages, Requested articles pages, Requests for adminship pages, Requests for comment pages, and Sandbox pages. For a complete listing of project namespace deletion requests at MfD, see all MfD pages with TechInfoDepot prefix.

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