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TechInfoDepot legal policies include policies with legal implications describing good practices that are accepted in the TechInfoDepot community. These legal policies include:

  • Child protection, relates to the behaviour and actions of adult editors with regards to children
  • Copyright violations, relates to material copied from sources that are not public domain or compatibly licensed without the permission of the copyright holder
  • Copyrights, relates to the copyrighted TechInfoDepot text being license to the public under one or several liberal licenses
  • Libel, relates to the responsibility of all contributors to ensure that material posted on TechInfoDepot is not defamatory
  • No legal threats, relates to threatening to employ litigation
  • Non-free content criteria, relates to basis for using non-free content within TechInfoDepot
  • Reusing TechInfoDepot content, relates to basis for using TechInfoDepot's text materials in your own books/articles/web sites or other publications